About Us

Your trusted manufacturer of oleic acid & fatty acid

Your Powerful Partner in Oleic Acid & Fatty Acid Business

Oleochem is an Egyptian company based in kilo 56 Alexandria-Cairo Desert Road. We started in 2008 is managed by board of directors has more than 12 years of experience in Oil and Fats industry, and supervises young generation of leaders that leads group to achieve continues improvement in products.
The plant is one of the leading oleochemical plants in Middle East and Africa that produces Distilled Fatty Acids, Fractionated Fatty Acids, Hydrogenated Fatty Acids, supper white Soap Noodles, and Pharmaceutical grade Glycerin from renewable and natural feedstocks.
Oleochem will cover the big part of Egyptian market needs of distilled fatty acids such as sunflower, soybean, palm and tallow fatty acids, and fractionated fatty acids such as stearic acids, palmitic acids, lauric acids and blends which are all used in many industrial applications such as detergents, plastics, rubbers, paintings, textiles, cosmetics, personal care, lubricants, chemical industries and else.
Oleochem will supply the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, personal care, and chemical companies with their needs of Pharmaceutical Grade Glycerin with the highest quality.