Refined glycerine

Light yellow transparent oily liquid at normal temperature, melting point 13.4 ° C, specific gravity 0.8905, insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol, gasoline, etc. It turns into stearic acid during hydrogenation, has the general chemical properties of organic carboxylic acids and unsaturated double Chemical properties of the bond.

specification Typical Values
Glycerine Content (%)99.7 min
Moisture(%)0.3 max
Color(APHA)10 max
Color(mL FeCl3 )0.4 max
Identification A (IR)Conform
Identification B (DEG&EG)
Diethylene Glycol0.1 max
Ethylene Glycol0.1 max
Identification C (GC)Confirm
Identification C (GC)Conform
Specific Gravity (@25)1.2612 min
Residue On Ignition (%)0.01 max
Chlorides(ppm)10 max
Sulphates (ppm)20 max
Heavy Metals5 max
Chlorinated Compounds (ppm)30 max
Fatty Acids & Esters (mL of 0.5N NaOH/50G)1 max
Related Compounds
Individual Impurity (%)0.1 max
Total Impurities (%)1 max
Product FormLiquid
T.F.M %95...99.69Accepted
F.F.A %...3021.6Accepted
A.V mg KOH/gm...6042.9Accepted
Unsap %...2522..5Accepted
Moisture %...1.000.11Accepted
Impurities %...1.000.2Accepted
Titer C32Accepted
A.V mg KOH/gm95Accepted